An Attempt at Biking

Last week, my friends and I decided to go biking. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do but it’s been too long since I last rode a bike for me to even remember! At first I had trouble getting on with the bike but eventually got the hang of it as one of my friends praised me for my biking skills. Of course, this would backfire later on when I hit a swerve and sadly did not make it causing myself and my bike to fall off. With bruises on my knee, hand and the worst on my elbow – survived through and managed to finish the ride!

We cycled from Tai Wai (大圍) to Tai Mei Tuk (大美督), fully paved for cyclers with a harbourfront view for most of the ride. The halfway point was past Science Park and boy, was that the hardest part of the ride with the sun shining down on me. And to our luck, the snack bar was closed down for renovation so we only got to rely on a vending machine (which I want to add, ran out of bottled water!). As we continued on we stopped for some frozen pineapple from a street vendor which my friends thought were to die for but was mostly just meh to me. After this point was when my tragic fall happened – sadly was not prepped for a fall and none of us had a bandaid so I cycled with a bloody elbow as other cyclists asked if I was alright (its the thought that counts?).

The feeling as we FINALLY reached Tai Mei Tuk was incredible. The feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. We took about 3 and a half hours total which was really not bad considering we had expected to take 4 hours or more!

We clearly did not have the energy to cycle all the way back to Tai Wai so luckily there was a drop off point for our bikes at Tai Mei Tuk and from there, we took a bus to Tai Po then the train to Sha Tin to have a celebratory dinner for the amount of physical activity we exerted that day.

I wonder when the next time I go cycling will be!


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