Wong Lung Hang Stream, Tung Chung

Typically known as the “batis” here at home, this natural beauty is about a 15 minute walk slash hike from our place. I mean, come on, with this, who needs a pool!? Not gonna lie, I’ve been a bit late to the party considering my brother visits this stream every weekend but because I’d been working Saturday mornings and my unwillingness to wake up early on Sundays, it was not until last week that I bothered joining him. It was a beautiful day with the sun out and blue skies. Mom and I joined Raffy for a refreshing dip at around 9 in the morning.

About a week later, my best friend and I headed over again. Unfortunately the weather didn’t work to our advantage as it had been a rainy and thunderstorm-y morning. The rain stopped but clouds covered the sky and we were not as fortunate with this trip as about a dozen fishes were swimming around so we decided to just sit by the stream and have our feet wade in the water.

But overall this place is definitely a beauty. Not to mention, there is a free supply of fresh water – known to be good for drinking and used for bathing. Many local villagers visit here every morning for their daily supply of water, carrying a tonne back home on their backs. Talk about “just for the sake of water”!

Directions: Take bus 38 (to Yat Tung) and get off at the first stop in the Yat Tung area, head up the footbridge all the way to the Pa Mei village area and turn right until you hit an uphill road. Go all the way up past the village until you hit a small entryway of rocks and just head down. But be careful not to slip on the rocks!


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