The Journey: Arriving in Chicago (Day 1)


Not going to lie, but I was not expecting to actually get to Chicago. For days leading up to my scheduled trip I was endlessly on SeatAlert and CX’s iJourney checking the loading for CX806 HKG-ORD and it was not looking good. To save my self from major disappointment, I decided it was better to convince myself that I was not going on this trip.


But thank you God! I was the first one called to get on the flight! The flight was delayed about 2 hours so I was in the airport sipping on a Pacific Coffee Caramel Swirl until I get a text from my mom (who was operating the flight), telling me to board last because I was getting upgraded! Yippeeee because for all of my US based flights, I’ve been upgraded!

To be honest, it was a long flight because I wasn’t able to sleep for most of it as it was a day flight. I think I definitely prefer red eyes! But not going to complain. The flying time was about 14 hours+ if I remember correctly.

When I finally made it to Chicago O’Hare, oh maaaan was the immigration line long! Not only that but the customs! Sadly missed the shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel but managed to hitch a ride from one of the crew from my flight with my mom.


We stayed at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center Hotel which is conveniently located next to Yorktown Center and Target Yorktown and near Oakbrook Center. Which of course is amazing because no US trip is complete without shopping!? The hotel was lovely with very friendly staff. The hotel rooms were pretty much complete with all the necessities and was just the right size for mom and I with two king beds.


The beautiful view on my first night of Chicago! You definitely don’t see this in Hong Kong! More Chicago posts to follow up! x


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