The Green Side of Things

After four months of travelling through San Francisco, Dumaguete and Chicago, there was no other way for me to spend the last two weeks of my summer break than to embrace the beauty of my very own home, Hong Kong.


Saturday afternoon, our closest family friends visited us here at home for a trip to the Wong Lung Hang stream. It was a late Saturday afternoon so the rock pools were a lot busier than what I’m used to seeing. The very cool and refreshing dip at the rock pool was followed by a boodle fight here at home.

Now for those of you non-Filipinos, a boodle fight is is typically known to be a military style of eating where food is placed on top of banana leaves and is eaten by our own bare hands.

Unfortunately for me, this took place three days after I got my braces put in so I was definitely not capable of chewing and tugging on that meaty goodness.

Fast forward a week later, we headed over to the other side of the city this time. Po Lam, not too famous for its hiking trails, but can get you a good enough view of the bay once you reach the top. It was a lovely hike with all of the Dumaguete gang (pictured above). And of course, no gathering is complete without food! Headed over to our Tita’s house afterwards where a selection of spaghetti, BBQ and pizza – how typically Filipino, was prepared for us.

And that concludes my summer break – four months of spending my days doing absolutely nothing, going for the occasional trip out of…my house, and the occasional trip out of the country.

Currently about to go into my second week of year two! I swear first year went by so quickly – not complaining about that though. A little sad that one of my closest friends from first year is no longer in the same major as me but what can a girl do… Really looking forward to exchange and internship opportunities though! So I am determined to work my butt off this semester!


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