Throwback to my Chicago trip last August. 

Two weeks before the end of the semester! I honestly can’t believe how fast it’s been since I started second year! Would definitely say it’s gotten more demanding but I’m quite happy with myself…well hopefully I’ll still be when I get my results!

In other news, I’ve just planned my trip back to the Manila this winter! It’s been over a year since I’ve been back and am just excited to breathe in the Manila air…and eat eat eat! Chicken Mcdo, Shakey’s pizza, Manang’s BBQ, just to name a few! And take a trip to Greenhills (I’m stingy okay)!

Apart from deadlines and early wake up calls (well not so much anymore because I’ve been skipping classes), life has been good. Really longing for a trip, an adventure to somewhere new. But perhaps that can wait till next year.

Till next time x


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