Manila Trip – Part 1

Currently snuggled up in bed, wrapped in my duvet and trying to get over this cold in very, very cold weather. So this would be the perfect time for me to write my blog post on my Manila trip!

I was in Manila from the 7th of December till the 17th. Almost didn’t push through with my trip because of a typhoon hitting the Philippines at the start of my trip but thankfully went through as it was so nice and refreshing seeing my Manila family again!

Day 1: Arrival and food, food, food!

Got up at around 4:30 in the morning with roughly three hours of sleep to get on CX907 to Manila. My Ninong and Tita picked me up at Ninoy Aquino International Airport: Terminal 3. I began my trip with Chicken Mcdo, Shakey’s Pizza, Pepeton’s Kapalmuks (crispy pork face!) to name a few…To be honest, by the end of the day I wasn’t feeling too good with all the food! But that’s Manila folks, food, food, food! Most of my family and relatives were there to welcome me back and it was just so nice to see everyone again.

Day 2: Typhoon Ruby!

The day the typhoon was supposed to hit….but never came! My cousins’ classes were suspended and my Tita’s reported sick meaning, mall day! So we headed to the mall and did a little bit of shopping – empty handed for me though! It was also my cousin (well no he’s technically my cousin’s cousin)’s birthday so we had a nice meal with calamari, BBQ and more (there’s always more!).

Day 3: Typhoon Ruby – part 2!

My cousins’ classes were suspended again but my Tita’s headed to work this time around. My cousins, ninong and Lola and I headed to Buddys Pancit Lucban at Timog, a Filipino fast food/self serve restaurant. Their Sisig Pork w/ Egg & Rice was amazing! It had a Pepper Lunch feel to it, being served on a sizzling plate and all. I’m not typically one to eat sisig but looks like I’ve learned how to eat it now!

Day 4: Lazy Day

Today was a lazy day, my cousins headed back to school and everyone was back at work. It was just my Lola,  Ninong and I for lunch where we headed to Alex III at Tomas Morato. I had Pork BBQ with Rice. To be honest, the place was a bit on the pricey side for the food it served. But the place has a nice ambience with a more formal setting so could be good for business meetings where you’d like to dine over Filipino food but still have a feel of professionalism to it.

Day 5: Lazy Day – part 2!

Another lazy day today… My Ninong took me to Jay J’s Inasal, a Filipino restaurant. I’m sure at this point, my entire family was convinced that I only ate Filipino food!!!! My Ninong ordered Crispy Tenga for our appetizer. Which is basically translated as “crispy, pig ear”! I mean despite what it actually was, it wasn’t that bad at all! For my main, I had their specialty, Chicken Inasal served with Java Rice and Atchara and as always, it didn’t disappoint. My Tita and Cousin came to stay at the house later that evening and daddy-o arrived a little past midnight.

I guess that’s it for now because I am now battling a headache and would like to head to bed early today. The next post will be on the second half of my trip (I’d say, the more eventful part!).

Till next time xxx


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