Merry Christmas!

Christmas, my favourite season. As a little girl I remember loving Christmas for all the family get togethers whether it be with my relatives back home or family friends over here. Now that I’m older, Christmas has become more intimate one with just my family here at home.

At Christmas Eve service yesterday, I was reminded of how the Christmas story has become a story so well known that often times, we no longer stop to listen. The same way we are so familiar of the true meaning of Christmas that we overlook it and get caught up in the presents, the festivities and forget that Jesus is the ultimate reason for this season.

As I didn’t go to Christmas Day Service, I just listened to Hillsong Church’s Christmas Day Service online and Pastor Brian Houston spoke about how we didn’t choose God, He chose us. He didn’t need to save us, but instead, He chose to save us, to live in us and to fulfil His promises in us.

One of the intentions that was prayed for in last night’s Christmas Eve Service was for those who are celebrating Christmas in the midst of war and refuge. In the same way, Mom also spoke about how passengers on her flight earlier that day were leaving home to head back to work and couldn’t spend Christmas with their loved ones. I am SO blessed to be surrounded by my family in this time. I often fail to praise God for everything He has done for me. I pray to God in the celebration of His birth and the upcoming year, that He reminds me of all He has done for me because He is unfailing.

In a world full of misery, we have an endless hope through Jesus as HE comes from a place of majesty to reach into people’s misery. And He is a personal and powerful God. He did not send an angel to come to us but instead, today, we celebrate how HE came down for us and through Him we can live a life of hope and love.

Merry Christmas and Praise be to God!


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