Annual Family Trip to HK Disneyland

Ever since a couple of years back, my family has made it a point to visit Hong Kong Disneyland every year during the Christmas season especially for my brother. It’s really is different going with family and going with friends – and although I don’t get to go on all the rides or spend the entire day when I’m with family, it’s still a worthwhile time – especially for a Disney lover like me (personally favor it over Ocean Park!).

Sibling OOTD’s! On me: Top – Brandless from an Instagram shop! / Jeans – Jag Jeans / Shoes – Cotton On / Backpack – Claire’s / Sunnies – Ray Ban knockoffs!

Selfie selfie with the baby bro!


Hong Kong Disneyland’s Christmas Tree – “A Sparkling Christmas” display comes on at 8:20PM where the lights are dimmed along Main Street U.S.A. as Hong Kong Disneyland’s Christmas Tree becomes illuminated with a show of lights and music. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this. Too bad I wasn’t able to stay till the illumination but would’ve loved to.


As I stood waiting in line for the Mad Hatter’s Teacups ride, I thought about any possible way Disneyland could alter their procedures to minimize the lines on rides. I thought, perhaps they could set a limit to a certain amount of visitors per day. But then I realized that if pre-ordering were a thing, I’d probably have something to complain about that too. So I gave up and just lined up for the ride haha. That really is one of HK Disneyland’s biggest problems: long lines, long waiting times. But I do appreciate how Hong Kong Disneyland has well expanded over the years allowing for visitors to have more to see. And perhaps the extreme lines at Disney yesterday was because it’s still winter break so visitors from all over are still in town?



We made it a point to wait until the “Disney Paint the Night” Parade which was a new addition since our last visit last Christmas. Because it was soooooo cold we weren’t able to catch the parade at the best view but from where I was at it was a very good parade and for me, was well worth the admission price! Lots of planning and it was a perfect illumination of lights in the Disney characters as the park was dimmed. I just wonder how they chose the representation of characters as it went from characters of the movie Cars to Monsters Inc. to Toy Story to the Disney princesses and the main Disney characters of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald.

Overall a great day at Disney – the happiest place on earth! If only the lines weren’t so long! 


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