It was so extremely refreshing to have my best friends back in town. Our friendship is a little, well how would you say? Unique? We’ve been the best of friends since seventh grade and six years later we’re all in different countries for college. Who knows where life is going to take us once we start our careers!?

The thing about these girls is that they get me. Even without seeing each other – whether it be months or even over a year, when we’re reunited, it’s as if the distance and time didn’t exist (now I’m sounding like a long distance relationship. well it’s a long distance friendship!).


From Mong Kok street food, to our first night out together (with *someone* going a little too overboard!), to pretending we were part of Masterchef or part of The American Baking Competition – well hey, our cake pops did turn out really well! and to yummy hot pot, getting mindffff over Predestination and The Butterfly Effect to a 4AM alarm for our final McDonalds breakfast. It was a lovely few days – definitely not enough. Till next time…whenever that’ll be.

“Friends are like stars. You can’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.”


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