The Best Eggettes in Town (雞蛋仔)


Eggettes, egg little, ‘gai dan zai’ or 雞蛋仔 – take your pick in how you call one of Hong Kong’s best street food classics.

As a young girl, this was always my favourite street food snack. Eggettes are miniature egg-shaped balls made of a special eggless batter. These egg-shaped balls are formed on an iron skillet with a particular mold – almost resembling bubble wrap…! And are a staple to every street food stall all over Hong Kong.

Located in Wan Chai, ’利強記北角雞蛋仔’ (lacking an English name I assume), is known to be one of Hong Kong’s best eggettes stalls as celebrity photos are plastered all over the stall with dozens of people enjoying street food around.

One order of eggettes was HKD$15. A little on the pricey end for street food (fishballs and siu mai had a buy one get one free deal – two sticks costing only HKD$8!!) but would have to say the eggettes had a great outer layer of golden crisp as compared to others I’ve tried in Mong Kok where the balls were pretty much hollow.

Wouldn’t say it’s particulary, extraordinarily amazing but it’s not bad and I’ve tasted worse. If you do happen to pass by, I’d still say give it a try.


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