Byron Bay, NSW

Byron Bay is a beachside town and holds the place as the most easterly point of Australia. We were taken here for a day trip last Monday and I thoroughly enjoyed my day. We were driven to the top of Cape Byron Lighthouse and went for a leisurely walk downwards towards the beach.



By the time we reached Byron Bay, the clouds had cleared up which gave a lovely blue backdrop to the view on our walk. I genuinely appreciate going on day trips like this! The lighthouse itself was under renovation but its surrounding still made up for it.



Our walk down from Cape Byron Lighthouse began with a nice breeze but because of the Australian sun, it became very, very hot. But we walked on and really appreciated the vast ocean and greenery. It’s crazy to think that all over Australia, there are views like this where you can enjoy a family day out or just simply a day trip to appreciate all the beauty in this world.



We hit the beach by the end of our walk down from the lighthouse and I really began to get a feel to the chill vibe of this town. Youngsters laying down on the grass to the sound of the waves – perfect life, don’t you think!?



Before lunch, I had free time to walk around what I’d assume is “downtown Byron Bay”. First stop: gelato! Strolling through the streets with a gelato at hand, this really is the life! You see people in bikinis, barefoot and with a surf board at hand, it can’t possibly get any better than that.

I live for day trips like these and really wish my programme had at least one of these trips every week..! Unfortunately not, but my homestay family does have plans of taking a stroll down the beach tomorrow so hopefully that happens!


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