Broken Head, NSW, Australia



On Sunday afternoon, my host family decided to head to the beach. My heart broke a little when they told me to wear “walking shoes” to the beach. To which I only had my white keds. I repeat, white.

We went for a short trail hike which actually was quite nice. I’m no active person at all but I do like going on trail hikes where you actually reach somewhere with a view.



About 15 minutes into the trail hike, we hit this beautiful grass field which led to a path going downwards to the beach. It was so beautiful! Looks straight out of a painting. We had a secluded area of beach all to ourselves. And although it is winter over here in Australia, I could just imagine how nice this place would be in the summer!

These beaches are really one of my favourite things about this country! 


2 thoughts on “Broken Head, NSW, Australia

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