Brissy Brisbane: Day 1 [June 20]

I spent the last couple of days of my month in Australia in Brisbane where I met up with my best friend. Prior to arriving in the city, I hadn’t really heard much great things about the place. Most said it was boring and that there was nothing much to do. My opinion? Yes, not so much sightseeing. But still a nice city to explore if you’re in the area like I was. Because my best friend and I are foodies at heart, our Brisbane weekend trip was still as enjoyable because of each other’s company and our food trips.

I had booked us for three nights at Adina Apartment Hotel Brisbane Anzac Square which was conveniently located at Brisbane CBD and just a short walk to the main malls and eating outlets. Also a pretty good location to walk across the Victoria Bridge to South Bank. Everything was practically walkable which was really good because those darn Australian modes of public transportation were so expensive!

After lugging my 21kg suitcase and a handcarry from the Roma Street Transit Center, I had finally made it to the hotel and big props to them for the early check-in. I mean I didn’t go crazy with the room they gave me because of its location (practically next to the elevators and right next to the fire escape and refuse) but that didn’t turn out to be a problem or nuisance at all. And besides, my gosh, the bed was amazing! A king sized bed for two petite girls – I mean, I would stay there again just for those beds!!!



We went out for our first meal – note: I hadn’t done prior research to Brisbane because of my lack of wifi so I relied completely on my friend. We found Cafe Brisbane – what a fitting name for the start of our trip. The food was nothing too great but good enough as I hadn’t eaten that entire morning since waking up at 4am.



Because we were practically next to the Victoria Bridge, I suggested we walk a bit of it and save South Bank for the next day but no one on that bridge was stopping so we ended up going the entire way and ended up at the Wheel of Brisbane. Snapped some quick photos and headed back to the room. To take a nap. Yes. We are practically grandmas. But in our defense, we woke up really early that morning to get to Brisbane!



We headed back out at around 3pm to explore the shops of Brisbane CBD and headed to dinner – we were contemplating between Nando’s (at this time I had never had a Nando’s in my life) or Miel Container (apparently some really popular burger place). We ended up at Miel. I ordered the Miel Beef Pattie Burger which was one of their classics and it was only AUD12. Not bad at all considering how filling it was and it came with a side of their beer battered chips. I would definitely recommend this place! Very affordable burgers.

Our first day was nothing too eventful. We had both started our days bright and early to get to Brisbane so it was more of a bonding/catching up day and a lot of it was spent in our hotel room. With our comfortable king sized bed.

More Brisbane posts to follow! x


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