Discovering Brisbane: Day 3 [June 22]

So after two days of pretty much just eating in Brisbane, it was time we finally saw the city for what it was. But…before anything else: coffee fix.



Okay I lied, I got a Rocky Road Hot Chocolate from The Dark Chocolatier by Noosa Chocolate Factory. One word, amazing. I’d heard of Noosa Chocolate Factory prior to my trip but didn’t really know what was so great about the place. Turns out, they make great chocolate products with a mix of nuts and berries etc. Quite pricey but excellent value for the quality.


ANZAC Square – located right next to our hotel – is a war memorial dedicated to those who’ve served in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC). An ‘Eternal Flame of Remembrance’ was lit when I visited which acts a symbol of eternal life as a means of the nation’s remembrance to those that have passed.


The Victoria Bridge connects Brisbane CBD to South Brisbane. It’s a pedestrian and vehicular bridge that isn’t too long of a walk from end to end. Upon reaching South Brisbane, we had searched and searched for the G20 Brisbane sign with Brisbane CBD’s skyline as its backdrop. Unfortunately for us, the sign had actually been taken down earlier this year due to safety hazards. Bummer. I was ready for my Instagram post!


Instead, we took a walk from the riverside promenade to the Streets Beach – a man made beach which was closed due to repairs that day but is apparently a major attraction considering it being a beach in the middle of the city. Walked some more, sat on the grass and took more photos before sun down.

We ended up at Verve Cafe for dinner. A modern, underground Italian restaurant and bar. Definitely a different take on Italian! No typical spaghetti bolognese or anything. We ordered the Pork Belly Linguini and Sand Crab & Snapper Risotto. Personally, preferred the linguini over the risotto!




After dinner, we headed back to South Brisbane just to get a night view of the city. And maybe to burn off those calories from the past few days. Brisbane at night is not bad at all. Of course, nothing can beat Hong Kong, but it was nice to embrace Brisbane for what it was on my last evening here.

Of course Brisbane isn’t as top of an Australian destination as Sydney or Melbourne is but I enjoyed Brisbane for its convenience, urbanization and its….food. Yes, food! Unlike other cities I’ve visited in the past, Brisbane isn’t one with a list of tourist attractions or historical sites. Which to be honest, I can still appreciate because you get to feel like a local rather than all touristy with the typical tourist sites.

Brisbane marked the end of my month away from home and to sum everything up, I genuinely enjoyed my experience. From being in a quiet and quaint little town to a surfers destination to urbanized Brisbane.

Australia, you’re not bad at all!


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