Finally, Simplylife!

I first visited Fashion Walk late last year and from my experience, I really enjoyed the ambience of the place. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay and features a number of alfresco dining options. One of which was Simplylife.


Over and over again, I’ve been hearing nothing but amazing reviews from friends and family commending Simplylife’s lunch set. From the looks of it, Simplylife might be considered a little more on the pricier side but their lunch set is very affordably priced for a European-style café! $78 for a lunch set including a drink, or add an additional $10 for the daily soup or a salad as a starter. Their lunch set features quite a number of selections: from all-day breakfast to pasta to burgers. I was very confused. I first opted for the Handmade Rigatoni with Pesto. And then the English Big Breakfast. And then the Handmade Spaghetti Carbonara. And then back to the English Big Breakfast.


Make sure to get the Handmade Iced Tea along with your meal! Great twist because it’s not your typical dong leng tsa aka iced lemon tea that you would get in Hong Kong. It was infused with grapefruit slices which gave a tangy kick to it.

The English Big Breakfast was definitely big. I couldn’t finish it on my own! It’s your typical English breakfast: great frankfurter sausage, unfortunately uncrispy bacon, sloppy but yummy scrambled eggs. Satisfying for the price. And would actually say it’s more filling than other meals off the lunch menu.


My lunch date ordered the Grilled Sea Bass with Roasted Potato. This was her second time going for this meal so I guess it really is good!


Overall, Simplylife is a nice and contemporary Western café. Going along with its name, the food served is indeed simple, yet affordable and of great quality. It gives a comfortable feel to it. Would recommend this place to anyone really – a catch up with a friend, a business meeting or a family meal. I’ve also heard great things about an even more affordable afternoon tea set so hopefully I’ll be able to try that sometime in the near future.

The café does have a waiting line once it hits lunch break which can be discouraging to some but it’s totally worth it! So do your best to avoid peak hours. Simplylife also has other branches such as in The Landmark in Central, Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong and other places. Click here to find out which of their locations is closest to you.



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