Queen Victoria Summer Night Market

Queen Victoria Summer night Market

Being the only Wednesday night during my stay in Melbourne, I headed to the Queen Victoria Summer Night Market on the day I arrived. The Night Market is held every summer and winter every Wednesday from 5pm to 10pm featuring mostly food stalls of cuisines from all over the world. From Argentinean BBQ to Korean fried chicken to Spanish paella and so much more…this was definitely a must-do for a foodie like me.

Running on three hours of sleep from my red-eye flight, the walk from Melbourne CBD to the Queen Victoria Market felt a little delirious. But it was a beautiful day, sun out with blue skies. Something I definitely missed about Australia.


Finally reaching Queen Victoria Market at around 5pm, I walked into the market taking in a unique fusion of smells of pure deliciousness. I was eyeing practically everything so I decided to walk the whole market first. Only to realize that that got me even more confused. I tried to strategically decide on what to get first in order to eat as much as I could by the end of the day.



First up was Paella from El Rincòn Paellas. Now, their stall was a little too hard to look past with huge pans of bright orange paella steaming and just looking so so so good. Unfortunately their serving of paella was a lot smaller considering the huge pans on display! In terms of taste, delicious, but still prefer my Lola’s paella from back home hehe (biased? maybe).


We then noticed almost everyone was carrying a cup of Sangria so we headed over to Running Bull Sangria where they had both a red and white wine variety. I went with the red and my friend got the white. Of course, typically a red would be stronger which it definitely was so I wasn’t too sure how great that would be running on barely any sleep. It was also getting later in the day so it was beginning to feel a bit chilly, Australia at its finest: going from summer to winter in a day.


We decided to get a quick snack of potato twisters at Twistto, had these last when we were at Eat Street Markets in Brisbane. Here’s a throwback post to that day. It’s just your typical oily, potato goodness. We decided to sit in this enclosed area of the market where there was a live band playing. It’s great that the Night Market had some entertainment too where you could sit and enjoy the music, get away from the herds and herds of people.


Little did I know that there was an outdoor area to the market where there were dozens of other food stalls! Again, we walked through each and every stall until we finally decided to go for another ‘main’ and got something from U Fuculari Sicilian BBQ. I mean, how often do you get to try food from Sicily!? Pretty good, just the right amount of seasoning and the meat was tender. But again, it was a rather small portion.


And you know which stall had the longest queue among the outdoor stalls? Hoy Pinoy! Pinoy represent! I thought it wouldn’t have made much sense to spend AUD$12 on some Filipino BBQ when I was heading to Manila right after this trip anyway but it smelled so good! From the looks of it the BBQ looked pretty authentic – minus of course, the polluted Philippine air and sweat of Kuya.

By around 8pm, despite the sun still being so bright out, I decided to call it a day. It was a great first day in Melbourne – not your typical tourist day out but instead, I got to spend the day where a local Melburnian would on a Wednesday night.

There’s some footage from the Night Market in my Melbourne vlog, click here to watch it!




4 thoughts on “Queen Victoria Summer Night Market

    • Without a doubt, try Filipino cuisine if you get the chance! I might be a little biased because I’m from the Philippines myself, but it’s definitely some good stuff :)


  1. I never been to night market and would really love to try it though I believe it’s seasonal here in Philippines. Those twister potatoes looks really delicious, (I’m a die-hard fan of potatoes). It’s nice to know that the Philippine stall have the longest queue among others.It just prove that Filipino cuisine is a world-class!

    – Jean | http://jeaniebeans.ph


    • Yeah Filipino cuisine is the best! Definitely my favourite. I guess the equivalent to this night market would be the World Street Food Congress that was recently held in Manila. Definitely try it out when another event like that gets scheduled, you’ll have a great time food-tripping :)


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