Touring Melbourne

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The Melbourne City Centre, also known as the Melbourne CBD, has some of the city’s most central businesses, shopping centres and famous landmarks. I spent the day touring some of the city’s best sights, for free!


First stop, the State Library of Victoria. Located on Swanston Street, the city tram runs along this road, so you definitely won’t miss this library with its unique architecture. It’s been topped as 10 of the most beautiful Australian libraries according to The Guardian. As a historical building, it was nice to appreciate its structure among the modernised buildings surrounding this structure.



You’ll find city residents reading and studying on open desks in The Dome, an octagonal space for reading. Circling the dome are floors of galleries of the featured exhibitions of displays related to anything art, history and culture. The Dome was my favourite part of the library. Naturally-lit from above, its dark wooden furniture compliments its aesthetic.


Another one of Melbourne’s iconic architectural structures is the Flinders Street Station. Baroque in style, this was Melbourne’s first railway station and has become known as a rendezvous spot among Melburnians to “meet under the clocks“. This station is the city’s main transit station as it connects the city to Melbourne’s outer suburbs. I made use of a train here on my way to Brighton Beach (a post to follow! stay tuned).



Just across Flinders Street Station was St. Paul’s Cathedral. An Anglican cathedral with unique Gothic-inspired architecture. What I admired about this cathedral was its interior. Beautiful Venetian glass mosaics surround the church with intricate designs. It would’ve been nice to be able to hear mass here which holds services everyday. 

Melbourne is home to beautiful architecture that has been able to sustain despite the continuing modernisation of its central business district. It just goes to show how Melbourne is doing great in keeping part of its culture alive.

I’ll admit that I was only able to see a few of Melbourne’s most famous landmarks. I guess that’s because while visiting a new city, I tend to prefer experiencing the place as a local. Nevertheless, I appreciated seeing some of Melbourne’s most beautiful architecture.

Be sure to stay tuned for more posts to follow on more of my adventures in Melbourne!

[And don’t forget to watch my trip to Melbourne here!]


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