Life Lately: June edition

June Life Lately

Snapped this photo earlier today of my view from work as preparations are well underway for tomorrow’s Dragon Boat Festival (a public holiday for us in Hong Kong! yes!). I just wanted to give a quick update with what’s been going on with me because I feel like I’m at a point where I’m really so content with everything that’s been happening.

A month ago, I flew to my second home Manila and got to spend great quality time with my extended family. I always love going back there. We did a quick road trip to Baguio so stay tuned for posts on that soon! For the rest of the month back in HK, it was really just catching up with some friends, disappearing for days because of a kdrama and sleeping.

Just last week, I started an internship at a media company that publishes three magazines and manages an online website and such. Quick fact: working in media has actually always been my dream since my later years in high school. But once I was done with HS, I ended up not getting accepted in any media degree programmes for uni and instead, opportunities for teaching just seemed to keep coming my way. But now that I’ve finished my third year and only have a year left with school, I really wanted to get myself out there and see if there were more opportunities for me beyond teaching.

I sent out email after email for media and digital marketing internships and just as life has it, I eventually got a reply and straightaway, got offered an internship position for my current company without even an interview.

I’m just about to finish up my first two weeks there and I’m loving it a lot. I’ve gotten to know the ways of how a magazine runs, I get to work on social media, a bit of graphic design and starting with just the very basics of write-ups. But hey, my first two weeks and I’ve already been given two entire pages for next month’s edition! Not an article, but still two whole pages written by me.

So to sum it up, life has really just been so amazing. Opportunities like this really have me thinking of how blessed I am and how I’m at a point in life that I’m really so content with everything going on. I guess it’s also a sign of “growing up” if that’s how you want to put it, it gives me a sense of relief that I’m being led in the direction that I’ve always been passionate about and something I can work towards after graduation next year. I know it won’t always be smooth sailing and that no matter what, growing up, there’ll be instances where I’m going to feel lost. But for now, I’m just thankful and blessed that I’m gaining valuable experience everyday and it’s something I can look forward to and work towards once I finish my degree. The last push.


7 thoughts on “Life Lately: June edition

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  2. Sounds like you have been quite busy. Congratulations on getting an internship and those two pages in a magazine! I’m sure that you were over the moon! :) I’d love to do something media related as well and I applied for uni already, not I only need to wait for my exam results and see if I get in :) Good luck with your last year! x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


    • Thanks so much! All the best on your exam results! However everything turns out, trust me, there’ll always be a way to get yourself out there to achieve your dreams (oh I sound so cliché) and life will always have you going in the direction it wants you in, even if there are a few bumps along the way xxx


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