Where have I been?


A friend and I recently had a conversation about blogging which got me feeling very guilty about how I’ve been neglecting it’s tricia for quite a while now.

Last June, I put out Life lately where I talked about an exciting opportunity that was happening in my life. On top of that internship, I was working a second job, teaching and four weeks ago, my final year of university began. So basically, I’ve been doing six-day weeks consisting of two jobs and classes. And fitting in any possible form of social life in my free time. So to say the very least, I’ve been very exhausted.

Things have slowly calmed down now – just working one job and finally having some free time by the end of the week – I even went for a hike yesterday! So I’d really love to get back into writing. Especially because I know I have things to write about. If you haven’t realized it already, it’s tricia is pretty much a travel blog. It becomes active when I travel. The exact same way my Instagram feed comes alive. So yes, I have been doing some travelling lately and I have another trip in a couple of weeks!

But nonetheless, busy just means blessed. Lots of great things have been happening lately: as mentioned above, I was in Korea for 10 days last month, I turned 21 a couple weeks ago and I made it on the Dean’s List!

I guess that’s it for now. And hopefully, see you again very soon :)


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