A clean slate

a clean slate

There’s that saying, “this time last year, everything was so different“. It really is true. Here I am writing this post, in a completely different place in life and as content as I was in my last post, quite a bit has happened along the way that’s shaped me and led me to an even better version of myself.

Now I know my last post was sort of a “oh hi there,  here’s my attempt to start blogging again” — which clearly didn’t happen because nine months later, not a single post until today. Let’s just say things got in the way – one being, I’m officially done with university! It was a tough last couple of months, probably the most mentally and physically draining I’ve ever been in my life – day after day in the library, going from work to school to the library. To the point that I’d look forward to my commute from place to place because that was the only time I had to myself (until the last week or so where I was actually doing my thesis on the train too). Ah the memories. Staying on campus till midnight the day before it was due, making the last minute decision to head home, getting home and continuing on my thesis, sleeping two hours and waking up to continue, realising I didn’t include 3/4ths of my references, deciding not to include it because I could not be bothered at that point, frantically searching for a place to print and bind my thesis for submission until finally submitting it and setting myself free from university. And despite my gut feeling that it was one of the worst assignments I’ve ever done in my entire uni life…I surprisingly got an A! And happy to say I will be graduating with First Honours. Graduation is not till October so I’m still counting down to the day I can turn that tassel to the left.

Prior to finishing up uni, I also signed a full time contract with the company I was interning at, effective August. So in the meantime… I’m in what I call “gap months” – mostly traveling and spending every few weeks at home, catching up with friends.

So that’s that, more and more progress in life as compared to last year and it just comes to show that life is constantly moving forward, presenting you with new opportunities and along the way, you break, you learn and grow from it all.

Now apart from that little update – here I am to say again that this will be another attempt to start blogging again! Let’s see how this goes. As for now… hello again it’s tricia!



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