Pick of the Crop


Known as the ‘strawberry capital of the Philippines‘, La Trinidad is about three kilometres off the city centre of Baguio. It’s known for being the best place to go strawberry picking in the Philippines alongside Ibaloi farmers. 

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Supposedly, rain was forecast for the day so you can only imagine my excitement when I woke up to blue skies that morning. Nothing was to get in the way of strawberry picking!

The drive from Baguio city centre was about half an hour away. As soon as we approached the farm, you could see the plantation stretching into the horizon with local colourful houses making the backdrop.

It was a busy area, lots of tourists and vendors scattered in the entrance. We were told that some vendors would trick tourists into paying an entrance fee to the fields however, it’s important to note that it was absolutely free.

The only thing that would cost you would be to go strawberry picking. Which was what I was really looking forward to. After walking quite a bit into the fields (note: wear proper footwear! I was in white shoes and it was raining the previous evening so it was quite muddy), some local farmers told us that the strawberries weren’t quite in season anymore (it was the end of May).



Don’t get me wrong, further into the distance, there were some plots of land with strawberries but they were just so tiny and we felt it wasn’t worth it considering strawberry picking would cost twice of that from just buying boxed strawberries at the market stalls.

Strawberries are supposedly in season from November to May but the best harvest comes in the first few months of the year. Oh well..this just gives me another reason to visit Baguio again!

FullSizeRender 8 FullSizeRender 38

So instead, I treated myself to some ‘dirty’ strawberry ice cream. Also know as sorbetes in the Philippines. It’s a traditional variation of ice cream, uniquely made from coconut milk and served on small wafer cones. Flavours can vary but they usually go by Philippine fruits like mango, avocado, coconut and strawberry. And why dirty you ask? Well…I’d assume it be the nature of how the ice cream is served – along the street, by a local vendor. But don’t be put off by the name, at the end of the day, it’s still ice cream and a definite must try!

One scoop cost P30 which was quite pricey considering you can get dirty ice cream for as low as P5 in other places! But you could really taste the fresh strawberries, so I thought it was well worth it! And props to kuya sorbetero for being so friendly! Definitely a must try if you’re in La Trinidad.



Right beside the farm was a lane of souvenir storesStrawberry jam, strawberry wine, carved wooden strawberries, crochet strawberries…basically anything and everything strawberry! I opted not to buy anything here because it really was a tourist spot so you’d expect prices to be slightly higher.

I enjoyed my experience at the strawberry fields of La Trinidad. But if you don’t intend on going strawberry picking, I’d say you could opt out of this when you’re in town — just because it is out of the way. But of course, if you’re in search of the freshest strawberries in town, you’d be able to find them here!


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