hi! it’s tricia.

I’m based in Hong Kong and although I’ve been here practically my whole life, my roots lie in the Philippines. I go between the hustle and bustle of this city to Manila every couple of months. It’s the best of both worlds really.

I’m a twenty something year old, who absolutely feared the idea of entering her twenties. But I guess you could say it’s not so bad. I take each day at a time and experience my own share of ups and downs. Which is why I started it’s tricia. It’s my own way of expressing my thoughts, experiences and ideas. A personal diary of some sort, you could say. 

I enjoy eating, writing and travelling. I guess that’s some of the stuff you’ll find here. In the same way my fellow bloggers have inspired me, I hope to be able to inspire you to appreciate and embrace life – first, your own, and then others’, and see the real beauty that’s been given to us in this wonderful life we live.

love always,