Discovering Brisbane: Day 3 [June 22]

So after two days of pretty much just eating in Brisbane, it was time we finally saw the city for what it was. But…before anything else: coffee fix.



Okay I lied, I got a Rocky Road Hot Chocolate from The Dark Chocolatier by Noosa Chocolate Factory. One word, amazing. I’d heard of Noosa Chocolate Factory prior to my trip but didn’t really know what was so great about the place. Turns out, they make great chocolate products with a mix of nuts and berries etc. Quite pricey but excellent value for the quality.


ANZAC Square – located right next to our hotel – is a war memorial dedicated to those who’ve served in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC). An ‘Eternal Flame of Remembrance’ was lit when I visited which acts a symbol of eternal life as a means of the nation’s remembrance to those that have passed.


The Victoria Bridge connects Brisbane CBD to South Brisbane. It’s a pedestrian and vehicular bridge that isn’t too long of a walk from end to end. Upon reaching South Brisbane, we had searched and searched for the G20 Brisbane sign with Brisbane CBD’s skyline as its backdrop. Unfortunately for us, the sign had actually been taken down earlier this year due to safety hazards. Bummer. I was ready for my Instagram post!


Instead, we took a walk from the riverside promenade to the Streets Beach – a man made beach which was closed due to repairs that day but is apparently a major attraction considering it being a beach in the middle of the city. Walked some more, sat on the grass and took more photos before sun down.

We ended up at Verve Cafe for dinner. A modern, underground Italian restaurant and bar. Definitely a different take on Italian! No typical spaghetti bolognese or anything. We ordered the Pork Belly Linguini and Sand Crab & Snapper Risotto. Personally, preferred the linguini over the risotto!




After dinner, we headed back to South Brisbane just to get a night view of the city. And maybe to burn off those calories from the past few days. Brisbane at night is not bad at all. Of course, nothing can beat Hong Kong, but it was nice to embrace Brisbane for what it was on my last evening here.

Of course Brisbane isn’t as top of an Australian destination as Sydney or Melbourne is but I enjoyed Brisbane for its convenience, urbanization and its….food. Yes, food! Unlike other cities I’ve visited in the past, Brisbane isn’t one with a list of tourist attractions or historical sites. Which to be honest, I can still appreciate because you get to feel like a local rather than all touristy with the typical tourist sites.

Brisbane marked the end of my month away from home and to sum everything up, I genuinely enjoyed my experience. From being in a quiet and quaint little town to a surfers destination to urbanized Brisbane.

Australia, you’re not bad at all!


Foodie Sunday in Brisbane: Day 2 [June 21]

I’ll admit it. I’m a foodie. My typical day out with friends? Eating. I wouldn’t say that I actually have a favourite food or a favourite restaurant, I just love to eat. So how crazy is it to think back that I was all the way in Brisbane…just to eat for an entire day?!



Eat Street Markets is definitely one of my Brisbane highlights. It’s a little further away from Brisbane CBD but the commute wasn’t too long or inconvenient. The street food market is at Hamilton Wharf every Friday and Saturday from 4pm-10pm and Sunday from 10am-3pm. From Malaysian curry, German sausages, Chinese noodles, Peruvian cuisine, French crepes, ‘World Famous’ Funnel cake – you can find just about anything to satisfy your taste buds. Featuring live music, generous seating areas and green grass by the Brisbane River, the vibe of Eat Street Markets was the perfect Sunday for me.


First up on the “things I ate on my Foodie Sunday in Brisbane” was from Potato Slinkys. Something I’ve seen before in Seoul but it was my first time to try this oily, potato goodness.


Next up was a Strawberry Daiquiri from The Tutti Frutti Van in their bring-it-home mason jars which were BPA free. Perfect to reuse and refill at home but because of its bulkiness, I didn’t manage to bring it all the way home to HK. Excellent drink!


We did order something as our ‘main’ which for the life of me I cannot remember but just know that it was of South American cuisine. Nothing too great. So skip over to dessert, I was indecisive between getting a funnel cake or a ‘cruffin’ – apparently a croissant mixed muffin. Ended up with the Marshmallow Masquerade funnel cake from World Famous Funnel Cakes. Original name, I know. But I really enjoyed it! Lovely texture and topped off with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and toasted marshmallows. Yup, I could definitely feel the weight adding on by now.


And to end our day at Eat Street Markets, calamari from Gourmet Calamari. Personally didn’t like it too much because it was quite soft in texture. But I’ve been told that that’s what authentic calamari tastes like?!

Okay fine, I lied. We got something from The Doughnut Bar to top the day off. Prior to my trip I had heard things about this place and was dying to try it out. Decided on the ‘cookie monster’, a soft doughnut, coated in white chocolate with chocolate chip cookie crumbs drizzled with blue chocolate. After eating all that food in the day, I was so stuffed so I ended up just taking the doughnut home to eat for dessert that evening. Unfortunately it didn’t taste amazing by that evening but I’d assume it’d be good, fresh.



Overall, I really enjoyed the Eat Street Markets. Excellent concept, great vibe, perfect location and definitely my type for a day well spent! Was so stuffed by the time we headed back to our hotel! The only negative I’d say about it would be how overpriced the food was for its portions. But taking into consideration its location by the Brisbane River and its variety of food, I’d still visit and have a great time.

Definitely a must-do in Brisbane if you’re a foodie like me!

Eat Street Markets (AUD$2 entry): Macarthur Avenue, Brisbane QLD 4007, Australia

Brissy Brisbane: Day 1 [June 20]

I spent the last couple of days of my month in Australia in Brisbane where I met up with my best friend. Prior to arriving in the city, I hadn’t really heard much great things about the place. Most said it was boring and that there was nothing much to do. My opinion? Yes, not so much sightseeing. But still a nice city to explore if you’re in the area like I was. Because my best friend and I are foodies at heart, our Brisbane weekend trip was still as enjoyable because of each other’s company and our food trips.

I had booked us for three nights at Adina Apartment Hotel Brisbane Anzac Square which was conveniently located at Brisbane CBD and just a short walk to the main malls and eating outlets. Also a pretty good location to walk across the Victoria Bridge to South Bank. Everything was practically walkable which was really good because those darn Australian modes of public transportation were so expensive!

After lugging my 21kg suitcase and a handcarry from the Roma Street Transit Center, I had finally made it to the hotel and big props to them for the early check-in. I mean I didn’t go crazy with the room they gave me because of its location (practically next to the elevators and right next to the fire escape and refuse) but that didn’t turn out to be a problem or nuisance at all. And besides, my gosh, the bed was amazing! A king sized bed for two petite girls – I mean, I would stay there again just for those beds!!!



We went out for our first meal – note: I hadn’t done prior research to Brisbane because of my lack of wifi so I relied completely on my friend. We found Cafe Brisbane – what a fitting name for the start of our trip. The food was nothing too great but good enough as I hadn’t eaten that entire morning since waking up at 4am.



Because we were practically next to the Victoria Bridge, I suggested we walk a bit of it and save South Bank for the next day but no one on that bridge was stopping so we ended up going the entire way and ended up at the Wheel of Brisbane. Snapped some quick photos and headed back to the room. To take a nap. Yes. We are practically grandmas. But in our defense, we woke up really early that morning to get to Brisbane!



We headed back out at around 3pm to explore the shops of Brisbane CBD and headed to dinner – we were contemplating between Nando’s (at this time I had never had a Nando’s in my life) or Miel Container (apparently some really popular burger place). We ended up at Miel. I ordered the Miel Beef Pattie Burger which was one of their classics and it was only AUD12. Not bad at all considering how filling it was and it came with a side of their beer battered chips. I would definitely recommend this place! Very affordable burgers.

Our first day was nothing too eventful. We had both started our days bright and early to get to Brisbane so it was more of a bonding/catching up day and a lot of it was spent in our hotel room. With our comfortable king sized bed.

More Brisbane posts to follow! x